Cash commercial property buyers

We are always on the look at for either very cheaply priced commercial property which we can purchase quickly, or business premises that are located close to residential areas and dwellings. With the later we are looking ar redeveloping into homes or similar, so ideally, it would need to be at least a quarter of acre of land.

So if you have either, a business premise that just isn't selling and you can't see it doing in the near future iether and would just like rid, or if you have a building in a residential vacinity, we will pay top prices on this style of property. We are the leading commercial property buyers in the UK today. For all enquiries in or around London, we work with who are part of the FBSE Finance Ltd., niche bank.

 Arrange of viewing

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Types of commercial property we buy

In disrepair

Pubs, hotels, bed and breakfasts and hotels. They don't have to be in a state of disrepair either. Contaxct us today with your property details.


Any recent or new builds located near to residential property, like the type of build undertakne by council's or governmental programmes.

Converted residential

Many homes have been converted to office and flats. We will make offer all day long on these with a view to refurbishing.


We love industrial property that is located near to residential areas and pride ourselve son making offers higher than any other private property buyer.

Quick business property sale

Ideally, what we are looking for is commercial property located near to residential housing or new builds. Our aim with this type of buying service is to redevelop into luxury homes and accommodation.

So, in the photo's above for instance, the first one we could possibly develop into 3 luxury apartments. Likewise with the second. The third possibly into one luxurious home. The fourth, we'd probably flatten and creat a new build of some style. You get the idea of what we are after. That is why any commercial property buying we do, has to be located very close to other residential properties.

Feel free to contact us directly regarding our busines premise buying or a quick cash sale.

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Call 0845 474 4741 from a land line

Or call us up on 0203 287 9654 from your mobile. 

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