Cash house buyers

We purchase any style of home or residential in any type of up keep, be it in pristine, showroom condition or dilapidated or condemned. We do not charge you any fees whether you accept or decline any offer we make on any type of property in any type of condition anywhere in Wales or England.

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Or you can telephone directly on our local rate number, which will be answered by one of our friendly and polite receptionists should we be out on a viewing.

Call 0845 474 4741 from a land line

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Types of residential property we buy

Condemned property

Run down property

Pristine home

Showroom house

As you can see there is a wide selection or property styles just from the four picture above. We are not limited to those types of house. We will buy anything that is bricks and mortar. Whether it is currently empty, you live in it or if you have tenants or family in there, all we want to do , is make you a fair but firm offer on it, and if you are happy with the offer, combined with the fact that you have nothing to contribute towards the cost fo the quick home sale, fiscally or otherwise except for a signature, we can usually complete within three to five working days or quicker.

Alternatively, if you are however is living in the house, is not ready to move out, we can set a completion date to suit all parties.

 Get an offer! 

You are not obliged to accept any offer we make. Bascially we will factor in how long recent properties in your immediatel have taken to sell, combine that with how many extra mortgage payments you would have to make, to hopefully give a figure that is more than if you waited for a normal buyer through an estate agent.

We will also cover the cost of any other fees that you would normally be liable for, like the legal fees, surveys or valuations. All you really have to do is make contact, invite us round to view, survey and value, accept our offer and sign the paperwork.

We can do that is less than three days if needed and we will buy any residential property in any area for any reason.

Give us a call today.

Call 0845 474 4741 from a land line

Or call us up on 0203 287 9654 from your mobile.