As a genuine cash buyer, we aim to complete any land or building purchase within a maximum of five working days from your initial or first contact.

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We already know before we view your house current market values in your area combined with an intricate structural knowledge so we can make an instant offer.

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We value and survey at the first viewing. We cover the legal fees, no estate agent involvement and take care of all the paperwork on a quick sale.

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Pounds for property

We cut out the middleman. With years of experience in the home buying sector, we save you money as no estate agents are involved in the transaction.

Money for your house

We conduct our own internal and external surveys when you are thinking about selling quickly to us and ascertain a private sale valuation from this information.

Home sale legalities paid for

We make you an offer on the spot factoring in that there are no fees for you to pay in any part of the quick property sale including your solicitor or legal fees.

Fast track sale in daysThe speed of sales is reliant on you as the seller. The quicker we get to view your home, the faster we make an offer and as soon as you accept, we can complete.

Sold house quicklyIn the past, we have completed in less than 3 days from the customer's first contact to the proceeds of the sale arriving in your bank account.

TEL: 0845 474 4741


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We buy any property - 0845 474 4741

Any size house in any condition bought quickly

A fast track house sale

To be honest, we have no interest in why you need, or are looking for a quick sale. Whether you have suffered a break in the property chain, under the threat of repossession, getting divorced or separated or even emigrating, that is your personal business and quite frankly, nothing to do with us.

We are only interested in purchasing your house for cash. So don't expect us to become FaceBook friends, a Skype contact or follow you on Twitter. This would be a one time deal or private sale and we would like to keep it that way.

So, if all you are interested in is selling your property quickly in a fee free transaction with no fuss and no hassle, then get in contact with us today and completion, with the proceeds from the sale could be in your bank account in less than 5 working days.

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The above button will take you through to a web contact form, where you can put a few details about the home your want to sell. We can then call you back to arrange a viewing.

So in summary, our quick house sale service or property buying service will guarantee you that you do not have to contribute anything towards selling quickly, except your signature. We cover the cost of the valuation and survey. We pay your legal fees up to £500.00. Estate agents are not involved so no commission to pay AND we guarantee, AND put it in writing a full 90% of the properties true value as our offer.

The quickest property sale in the UK today.

Not only do we make sure you do not have to spend a single penny when you sell your home quickly to us, if you are in one of our promotional areas, you could qualify for a complimentary removal service. We will cover the cost of your move within a certain geographical distance. Obviously we are not going to pay for your belongings to be shipped to Australia, however, if you are staying in the same town, city or county, and you are in one of our quick sale promotional areas, we will pay 100% of your removal costs.

How many other property buyers have you come across that are offering a removal service on top of buying your house quickly for cash with no fees for you to pay and guaranteeing a full 90% of the market value?

We are the original and the best quick property sale company. We work quickly and ethically to agree on a deal that is beneficial for bot you and us. We pride ourselves on being classed as one the most reputable property buyers in the UK today. Get in contact today, under no obligation of selling to see just how we actually compare with the other quick house sale companies on price and service.